"Rick Caveney from Live Oak runs an excellent landscaping service.

They do good work for us at Barrett Court and our buildings out at Mall of GA. I wholeheartedly recommend Live Oak. They have done an excellent job for us."

-John Gruber
J4 Asset Management

"Dear Charles and Travis,

"Teamwork" is a concept often discussed, but infrequently seen in its truest form. In the case of our annual Coro CARES event, however, we saw, and greatly appreciate, the Teamwork. Teamwork by our staff and contractors, who contributed time and resources to provide minor, safety-related home repairs and improvements to two seniors in need.

The Meals on Wheels Home Repair Services strives to keep homes safer, drier, and warmer through free and low-cost repairs and enhancements inside and out. By contributing to this cause, you gave generously of your time and resources to help make this years' Coro CARES event a success.

We are proud of, but more importantly, gratified by everyone's contributions of time, resources and energy. On behalf of Coro, its staff and the Meals on Wheels Home Repair Service, we thank you for helping to make this event such a success."

-Evan Reiss
-Teresa Pastore
-John W. Lundeen

"On most occasions the email is to say what a pain someone is, but in the case of Rick’s guys the opposite is true. I want to let you know they do an awesome job for us here at Intuit. Anytime that I have ever asked them to do something, the answer has always been the same. They are a great team and I enjoy having them at our site!!"

Assistant Chief Engineer

"Charlie, Rick, Chris and everyone always take care of us! I can't say enough nice things about them and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate them! I look forward to future projects with you!"

-Angelia Jolley
Property Manager
Branch Properties, LLC

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The pine straw looks great and I appreciate you going completely around the building. It looks so much better and was a pleasant surprise this morning when I came in."

-Rose Ann
Fricke & Associates

"I wanted to let you know that I received a compliment from one of the tenants on how great the property is looking. Thanks for all you do!"

-Trina S. Joseph
Regional Property Manager
DLC Management Corporation

The new landscaping at Governors Lakes Building 100 looks awesome! Thank you so much!"

-Kimberly S Egington
Sr. Property Manager
Resource real Estate Partners LLC

"Good Morning Charlie,
Thanks for the great job You and the rest of your crew did handling the clean-up of the fallen trees at West Paces Ferry site."

-Lisa Graham
Healey Weatherholtz Properties, LLC